Diet of a Lifetime

The Holistic Approach
Diet of a


This is a very different approach to ‘dieting’. Using elements of lifestyle and mindfulness coaching, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and healthful dieting - to get to the pain points surrounding your thought/emotional process behind your current choice of foods so that you can get over what ever it is that is preventing you from  obtaining a healthy diet that lasts a lifetime.

What's included:

A weekly Diet of a Lifetime coaching session to set out and complete action plan

A progressive action plan encompassing holistic methods of treatment that identify and remedy thoughts, feelings and belief system in small manageable steps that have a huge impact on your  health, food knowledge and willpower to change your behaviour.

Overcome emotional attachments / stress eating / addictions / health concerns from bad  food choices. Live a lifetime of feeling confident about your diet no matter what!



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The Health & Confidence Coach

Cant help yourself from bingeing the biscuits? Have you tried countless impossible diets  that just don't work?  

Traditional dieting does not suit everyone - in fact it can have a detrimental effect and negatively impact how you think and feel about food when you cant stick to the guidelines set with the diet plan.

Diet of a lifetime is something I've been preaching and teaching for a number of years.


With the right coaching depending on what your hold ups are I’ll be able to cleverly guide you to freedom by giving you the tools that you need to confront and overcome the emotional behaviours and the thought process surrounding your diet to give you confidence and willpower to choose a healthful diet and  giving you the freedom to make the choices that you promised you would.