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What My Clients Are  Saying...

"I started working out with Leeza a couple of weeks into lockdown. Her routines are short, effective and fun. I can feel the improvement in my stamina and strength and I really enjoy the twice weekly sessions."

Jo Sealy - London

"I've been training with Leeza for almost three years. She is highly knowledgeable on body motion and muscle structure resulting in greatly blended exercises.

Each week is different with new things to do - which does help in keeping me motivated and 'entertained'."

Yuri Perin - London

"Hands down, the best personal trainer in the city. Leeza has all the drills and the techniques, but where she excels is by being able to focus on your individual needs and building the right programme of diet, exercise and mental strength to help you achieve your best self. She is also super flexible and will work around my busy schedule. she is GREAT!!!"

Daryl - London

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Leeza's BodyBlitz

Situated in the heart of London within walking distance from Liverpool Street, Moorgate and Old Street.
Our private studio has the perfect location, equipment and changing facilities! 

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